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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Nobody knows what to say,
not really, at the moment 
of another’s loss.
We all try, come up dry
more so than not,
nothing equal to the pain,
saying the same things over
and over again:
a better place, they’re at rest, a life
well-lived, in His hands,
it was their time…indeed.
We’d like to tie a ribbon on it all,
but some boxes don’t come with bows.
all lives do not get closure,
to try to find a label for it all
is simply foolish, regardless
of our good intentions.
It is nature’s way
to move forward, so it does,
the world simply does not care.
Those no longer of this world
do not care.
Perhaps it’s best to accept fate
as random, be a minimalist,
but a happy one, sincerely
care for the Loved Ones,
but also move ahead,
enjoy life without the fantasy of
too much self-importance.

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