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Thursday, February 22, 2018

What Else

Even when the clouds weep,
or the earth cries out in pain,
it is possible
to love throughout the day,
to find joy midst the suffering.
Walking through our world,
it is possible
for every living soul
to express their innate wisdom.
Acting as harmlessly
as we know how to be,
it is possible for each of us
to practice radical humility.
No matter our circumstances,
it is possible
to shed anger and hate,
to smother them with
charity, sympathy, tenderness,
benevolence, compassion.
Whatever our needs,
it is possible
to notice that what is convenient for us
is perhaps inconvenient for others.
Regardless of time,
It is possible
to slow down,
walk more slowly on the earth,
be healing and strong,
rejoice in the day.
It is possible.

What else are days for?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For New Readers

the short pieces you will see in my blog are part of an effort by my friends throughout the poetic world to express ourselves daily, using 17 syllables...not necessarily Haiku, but sometimes it turns out that way...we also write 14 Words for Love, daily, between 2/1 and 2/14...and, rather than write New Year’s resolutions, we pick a word which expresses hoe and who we wish to be in the coming first one was Gratitude, last year’s was Generosity, this year’s is Compassion...I was going to be cute and keep the “G”thing going, with Grace, but I know that I am always living in Grace, and the world really could stand some more Compassion right now

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


We can’t keep doing 
what we want. We need to start 
doing what we must
I wonder 
what it was 
I was worried about 
last year on this date.


Seeing the sun 
peek over the hills,
feeling the world awaken.


I choose to nurture
seeds of understanding and
compassion. Pure joy.


We “own” our home.
Do we really?
Half a million dollars
says no way.


A house of wood,
caulk, paint, nails,
becomes a home,
only because of you.


Compassion without borders.
This sounds like a fine concept,
don’t you think?


Please don’t ask me to march
for peace or social justice.
Bone spurs, you know.


When I mix
talent with love,
I do anticipate 
a miracle.


Becoming Super-man

I feel
an urgency
to get moving.
I have someone
to be.


If my words offend you,
please forgive me.
My filters fail me,


My thoughts are like clouds.
They are just passing by, and
some look like bunnies.


My curiosity empowers me.

I prefer interest to fear.

Saturday, February 17, 2018



If I could paint a masterpiece,
you’d be in it,
and all of our dogs and cats, too,
and it would be a perfect day,
with green grass, bright flowers,
a sky of blue.
If I could paint the perfect picture,
there’d be no frustrations,
no conflict, certainly no pain,
no fast leap to being old folks,
no, we’d be fresh and young again..
Can you imagine a day so perfect?
I can, reflecting on the day
that you were sent my way.
I can imagine that day so perfect
with the peace of the mythic dove.
It’s easy for me, you know, since
I am always with the one I love.
Can you imagine a day so perfect,
a valentine in every way,
where all we need is each other.
Today is such a day.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Early February

Choosing empathy
as a byword, one first choose
to care for oneself.

I find that when I
smile, people smile back.
Everyone. Always.

It's a sacred and 
perfect moment when I love 
myself as I am.

When, in history,
has one person
not been enough
for what’s needed.

If one thinks
themselves religious (or not),
one can still pray.
They’ll be heard.

When walking,
I go slow, observe.
Quite Zen.
Of course, I’m also 
quite old.

Today, I seek balance.
Too much 
might just be
too much.
Excess, be gone.

With compassion, I think,
my, what an unhappy man
he seems to be.

My entire life,
every part,
was building up to
this moment.
Oh boy!

I don’t ask haters
to explain themselves. I think
they’d just feel clever.

How’d I get to be me?
With a few false starts,
but eventually...

I find amazing prizes
right in the open,
no struggling at all.

I am trying to say
beautiful things,
to inspire, to help,
be kind.

There’s no more choosing
to stand on the sidelines.
There just are no sidelines.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Living on Planet Awesome

Living mindfully
in political bedlam.
Peace is a challenge.

Soft blue, like the sky
in the first kiss of sunrise.
Peace, carried by doves. 

Turning towards others.
Living with an open heart.
Easing into peace.

At all times, choose life.
Choose friends and love and sharing.
Most of all, choose peace.

abound for friendship and joy.
There is bliss in peace.

Turning toward others,
living with an open heart.
Peace begins with love.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Here I Am

You Are Here

Here I am, 
in California,
at 73.
Mister Rogers died
in Pennsylvania,
just 74.
Natural causes they said.
(complicated by cancer)
Not sure where I’ll be 
at 74.
Not sure if I’ll be.
(complicated by who knows)
Man plans, God laughs,
No matter who you are.
No matter where you are.