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Sunday, August 19, 2018

August Daily Zen’s

Lean into joy 

Be kind. Be an artist. Go on, be a kindness artist 

Master peace

Be a clown. I love Bozo’s. Wanna clown around?

All is well and I am grateful 

I am writing a poem today that will take 10 74 years of life

Practice joyfulness today. Maybe tomorrow as well.

A purring cat in my lap allows me to think I am hot stuff

My words are like seeds I send to you. Feel free to scatter them where they might do some good

Be creative and playful. Bring a little magic to your day.

Even when I don’t believe it, I hope for it 

I now pray with abandon. Not recklessly, however


This week we are invited to write a “learning” poem.


Sitting in the backyard on a gray summer day,
observing the joy of Joey the kangaroo cat,
taking a break from his morning play and prey,
as he looks through the glass fence, enjoying cat t.v.,
while I perform little, not thinking too much,
practicing  patience, softening my rough edges,
waiting for the figs to ripen,
waiting for the cactus to flower,
waiting for the birds to sing,
thinking about the difference between
being quiet and finding silence,
remembering to pray when things are
going well.

School Days

Another poem in response to the “learning” prompt...

School Days

What I shall learn
after I know it all
will make all the difference.
No matter how uneasy
some days are,
I recall that I chose them.
I accept that every experience
is one which I must need.
I don’t know
how much life is left to me
but I hope to
make a difference with it,
and if all I ever did
for the rest of this life was
say “thank you”,
that might be enough.
Every day
I have the chance
to be happy,
to enjoy this life I chose.
I am doing my best
to say beautiful things,
to inspire, to help, be kind.
When I do not hear
Spirit's voice, it's not because
the talking has stopped.
We are all
just passing through.
Might as well do so
with joy and laughter,
rejoicing in the day,
walking more slowly,
maybe even feeling
a little groovy.


And a third “learning” poem for this week’s prompt...

It’s not hard,
learning to swim,
just takes a lake
a long, high pier,
and a drunken uncle
to throw you in.

It’s not hard,
building a kite,
just takes an old newspaper,
some sticks and string,
and a drunken uncle
to laugh at your efforts.

It’s not hard,
planting a tree,
just takes a sapling,
a spot and a shovel,
and a drunken uncle
to sit and watch.

It’s not hard,
staying sober,
just takes some will,
several good friends,
and a drunken uncle
to remember.

Monday, August 6, 2018

A Whole Bunch of Daily Zen’s

I grew up surrounded by God. It just looked like several small town taverns.

Here to help life go well for everyone

Stress can not survive when it meets up with a casserole

More to come, more to learn, more to accomplish. This might take some time.

Get to know yourself...Read more.

Blessings and Grace, love overflowing, joy in this place, Spirit is showing

If I open my heart to you, I also open my ears. Please, continue.

If even one small step would help, standing still is a mistake

I can’t let a bug bite or a sore leg blind me to the beauty which surrounds me

Even the worst of days will come to a close

Inner Peace does not require external scapegoats

Don’t hope for for it

Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Getting what you want is easy. Simply want what you get.

You needn’t search for what you already have

The opposite of more is enough

Tension is who you think you should be

Surrender to your experience, whatever it is

Don’t seek yourself. Be yourself

The only things which come easily to us are things we don’t desire

Letting go might take a little courage but it brings a lot of happiness 

Tomorrow is a huge stressor

Less stressed, more blessed

My goal is to live within the Grace of one day 

“When the time is right”.....ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Allow your heart to be touched by gratitude.

Identify with nothing...nothing is a good thing to achieve.

I see you

I am here

I see a lot when I actually look.

Love is a choice which we get to make every day

Love won’t save us. We have to save love.

Doing good feels good. Be a force for good.

Love people. Cook them tasty food

Doing what you love is wise. Being good at it is fun.

Life is short, so let’s grab our Summers’ best chance for love.

In a world of lies, the truth remains, steadfastly waiting 

Perfect the art of trust

In disagreements, you can try to shame others or you can lead with love. Your call.

There’s no fear in perfect love

Peace. In. The. Valley. Please.

More and more, as I age, I seek with a child’s curiosity

Feeling sorry for yourself? Reach out and help someone else.

In spiritual matters, words can get in the way. Feeling is the language of the soul.

I envision an afterlife with cats and birds and dogs, and of course, my soul mate...oh yes, and with comfortable clothes 

Sunshine...Flowers. Kindness...Humanity 

If you have nothing for me, don’t fret. I have enough for both of us.

You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing 

You are a candle which can not be extinguished 

Don’t make an enemy of your mind. Introduce it to your heart for safekeeping.

As I give away some of what I have, I become more whole

Don’t quit your day dream

Friday, July 6, 2018

And One more Descort

Life Sentence

It was a day like any other -
get up, stretch, urinate, stretch some more,
feed the cats...
...whoa, how’d this old man get in my body?
Blessings and Grace, here to help life 
go well for everyone. 
This might take some time.
When the time is right, someone said last night...
...ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Tomorrow is a huge stressor.
Love won’t save me. I have to save love.
We are just passing through. 
Everything passes, and
some obstacles are simply obstacles.
Last dance, so let’s...
...even moderation can be excessive.,
yet doing good feels good.

Friday, June 29, 2018


Memories and Dreams

He occasionally hears the voice of
     his mother, gone now for sixty years.
Country carnivals are captured in his memory,
     wrapped in their colors, smells and sounds.
Raccoons still grab the plums before human hands arrive,
     as the California coastal sky carries mist, but no fireflies.
The images of his father, dead now for thirty years,
      are mostly still, silent.
The only things which come easily to him are
      things he does not desire.
Ah, tasty food.
Now, there’s a legacy to love.
In these matters of Spirit, words get in the way, 
     feelings being the language of the soul.
Be brave! No limits! Yes, you can!
When the time is right,
        he’ll live within the Grace of a single day.