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Friday, April 20, 2018

A Tee-shirt Kinda Guy

I live in a city 
of no significant style,
been living here now
for quite a long while.
We have really nice weather,
loads and loads of beaches,
no great sports team but
we have dogs off of leashes.
The restaurant scene
mostly requires no dressing.
Fits me well, since it’s basic for me,
to that I’m confessing.
The art scene is small, but
the theater choices gigantic,
with four universities,
it can get quite pedantic.
The bookstores don’t wait
for Comic-Con to arrive,
with five-star speakers,
they all seem to thrive.
There are likely some cities
which think that they’re better,
but I’ll stay where I am,
living large, in fine fetter.
Let others take off,
to Paris or Venice they can fly.
I’m staying where I can be
a tee-shirt kinda guy.

Thursday, April 19, 2018



I am not living
the life I imagined.
This one is far better.
I’m on a path which
I never anticipated.
It’s pretty cool.

I try my utmost to  
show my spiritual self
as harmlessly as I can,
yet I feel the need sometimes
to do more than my best.
One of those times is now.
Still, I'm happiest, 
when I bring 
everything I have.

We are all
just passing through.
Might as well do so
with joy and laughter,
rejoicing in the day,
walking more slowly,
maybe even feeling
a little groovy.

I am doing my best
to say beautiful things,
to inspire, to help, be kind.
When I do not hear
Spirit's voice, it's not because
the talking has stopped,
and at those times,
I am not afraid
to ask for assistance.

The strongest people
I know ask for help
when they are in need of it.
I know that who I was
and who I am becoming,
is where the work lies.

What I shall learn
after I know it all
will make all the difference.
No matter how uneasy
some days are,
I recall that I chose them.
I accept that every experience
is one which I must need.

Every day
I have the chance
to be happy,
to enjoy this life I chose.
No one but me is
in charge of my happiness,
and I am laughing out loud.

I don’t know
how much life is left to me
but I hope to
make a difference with it,
and if all I ever did
for the rest of this life was
say “thank you”,
that might be enough.

Each time I act
with kindness the universe 
changes for the better, and
when I wish to find
reasons for gratitude,
it’s not too difficult.
I need God’s Love.
God needs my hands and feet.
Seems like a good deal to me.
Such a huge difference:
discussing Spirit and experiencing It.

(blank) Thread

Nice Threads, Mate

is something no one
has ever said to me,
and they probably 
never will, you see,
I’m a tee-shirt kinda guy,
put on the pants
I took off last night,
can’t be bothered about
how I look, really can’t,
try as hard as I might.
I don’t focus on my looks,
just make sure to,
brush my teeth, 
wash my hair.
Is that so wrong for
an old guy like me?
I mean, what’s it matter,
why should I care?
A simple approach is
the one I chose, and
my joy has nothing 
to do with my clothes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


No Poem is an Accident

He knew it was best to
follow his gut when it
came to his scribblings,
to let his stomach tell him
the truth, when his desire for
approval tried to
lead him astray.
He knew that every poem
was born from a need,
each one a mystery,
yet all of them on a mission,
a fight, or flight,
to reveal his life.
He knew it best to
follow his gut, but
those damn buttons,
send and post and share,
so easy to push, so easy to
lead him into temptation,
when he knew it best to
follow his gut, to
attend to his heart.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


True Love

Looking around us,
Can we think that 
we or the universe 
are mere accidents?
Of course not.
Deeper than in our mind,
more openly than with our heart,
if we are seeking,
this is where we spy the source,
yet only slightly comprehend It.
If we sit perfectly still,
have our mind be calm, peaceful,
we might catch a glimpse of
Spirit’s loving goodness.
Then we’ll know true love.


I don’t make 
New Year’s resolutions anymore,
None I’d keep,
nor even remember,
come February.
Instead, I pick a word.
Just one word.
My word this year
is Compassion.
It’s the one I chose to
remind me of
who and how and what
I wish to be,
every day, all day.
Last year, it was Generosity,
a good and maybe grand one,
noble in its intent,
heartfelt and true.
It worked pretty well.
Opportunities to give
arose in bunches:
my money, my time, my love.
But the big one,
my favorite,
was two years ago,
my first attempt at this.

Gratitude it was,
and it is the best
of all the other qualities,
based on one’s experience
of having enough.
The Universe loves Gratitude,
is Itself an abundant giver,
and likes to be appreciated.
Hope might have been
a decent choice, but
there’s doubtful expectation there.
Peace is a good one too,
filled with faith,
but Gratitude has it all,
overflowing with quiet delight.
In the quantum soup
of the visible and unseen,
it is the satisfying wholeness.
It is how I can be thankful
for this life, this body, this space,
how I can be like a child
on a beach,
seeing the vast unknown

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Cool Cat

He likes walking meditation, seldom goes on a vacation, enjoys his trashy books, soups and casseroles he cooks, in public he is charming, writes in ways that are heart warming, can’t sing at all, not a lick, can’t dance either, it’s just sick, he has known a deeper sorrow, still sees a bright tomorrow, likes to walk without a care, simply strolling, being there, other poets he is wooing, not always knowing what he’s doing, he isn’t rich but doesn’t mind, knowing he can still be kind, has his ways to find his worth, still has hope for Mother Earth, keeps the future sharp in sight, knows the past ended last night, holds no truck with pain and woes, much to do before he goes, strives with all his might, not for correct things, but the right, getting older now, there’s that, but he’s still one cool cat.