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Sunday, June 17, 2018


The Less Screen Time Generation

I like a house
with books,
and magazines and newspapers
as well,
not too neatly piled,
I enjoy a home
with smells,
real ones
from cooking and cleaning
and such,
no vanilla need apply.
I crave a life
with peace,
yet welcome are
the bumps
and fever
of sincere living 
I cherish friends
who last,
the ones who know
who I
really am.


Generating Love

There is nothing I would change
about my life, even if I could,
because it all brought me to you.

There is nothing else I would build,
not from paper, stone or wood,
except that which created me and you.

There is nothing I could say,
not even if I should,
that speaks louder in me than you.


Picture This (a triolet)

Standing back from the easel, I see that it’s complete,
even as my life is still a work in progress.
Maybe too many blues, perhaps a dab of joyful pink, and yet,
standing back from the easel, I see that it’s complete.
Some lush strokes, others thinner, the whole of the canvas
is what matters, and not every mistake should be fixed.
Standing back from the easel, I see that it’s complete,
even as my life is still a work in progress.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Daily Zen

lately, I’ve been posting my somewhat random thoughts,under the heading of “Daily Zen”.  Here are some of them.

Be quiet

The big secret...just pay attention

Oh I see, this is how my mind works

My memories are wonderful...when I can remember them

Your time is yours. Don’t give it away

Be open, steady and patient...then, be grateful

Compassion curves back, touching the heart that gave it

Meditation: the antidote for topsy-turviness 

Fear of the unknown is a theft of life...and it’s an inside job

Spirituality isn’t complex, nor is it expensive

Whenever you think you’re hot stuff, try telling your cat what to do 

Remorse, guilt and sadness are tremendous wastes of a nice day

Two words to remove from one’s thinking: “if only”

Everything which is religious in the world was created by humans

People who love me do so because they choose to, not because I earned it

Waking up this morning, I find the floor and smile

I am most grateful for simple, they are much easier to achieve

If you would be happy, first be grateful

Life is not a beauty aid. Looking in the mirror, I see every day I’ve spent

I am not perfect, but I am good enough

I’m not seeking the meaning of life...I’m looking for the meaning of MY life

When you start with “I am”,  be alert, because a truth is coming

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Heartfelt Prayers

The world is less simple 
than I once thought it, 
with good and evil,
I must admit,
in everything, in everyone, 
devils and angels, 
a part of all of us.

My devils have ruled me before,
even as I sought peace and joy,
but now I’m choosing happiness,
ecstasy if I can find some, 
knowing my heart is not a toy.
I’m taking time to 
celebrate what’s going right
in my quite ordinary life,
shining my simple light
on a sense of welcome,
open-armed, without a fight.

Most yearning souls ask,
can we still talk to God?
Can all the hurt, all the worry
be swallowed up there?
I would answer,
when seeking magic or miracles,
any form of legerdemain, to be fair,
maybe first peak into your heart,
then pray with abandon,
without holding back,
it’s a good place to start.

And there Grace awaits.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Graduation Day

After a year of tears,
not from kitchen prep work,
but from weekly PTSD therapy,
where an onion of another 
sort was peeled,
I asked if I would get a gold star.
She said, 
no, you get more homework.
For how  long, I asked,
already knowing the answer
to be for the rest of my life.
Knowing it to be
a life sentence,
we still called it 
graduation day.
Time to stand up straight,
shoulders back, 
treat myself like someone
I am responsible for helping,
always tell the truth,
(or at least don’t lie),
and live my life
with incisive simplicity
and tart common sense.
Oh, and when I encounter
a dog or cat anywhere,
pet it.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


An Exhaustive View of Things

Now that the wheat has been
mostly separated from the chaff,
I will speak my thoughts within,
upon my own behalf.
Anyone looking might not 
find me to be beautiful, 
and even though I might agree, 
I must say I think I’m sculptural. 
Nature and life have comprehensively,
sometimes to an exorbitant degree, 
taken their blades, chisels and styli to me,
letting the years do the rest,
not that any of it has been a test.
What is left might not earn a ten
on the Russian judge’s score,
but I think it’s still okay when
I consider a body of seventy-four.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I Reserve the Right

to find beauty in everything,
in the children, of course,
and family, friends, and lovers,
but also in the catalog of daily living,
in the exotic succulent,
the mundane marigold,
the common fern, 
all capable of giving birth
to beautiful poems.

I reserve the right
to believe, regardless my sources,
no matter the topic,
that the truth will come out,
honesty will triumph,
love will trump cuteness,
every time,
each wonder-filled heart
generously giving birth
to beautiful poems.

I reserve the right
to be sensitive to each moment, 
open to all possibilities, 
receptive to miracles, 
aligned with love,
in a safe place, constructed 
on the edge of nowhere,
too far into the wild for problems to reach,
the kind of place written about
in beautiful poems.

I reserve the right 
to trust that all the hurt, all the bad, 
all the worry of the world
could be swallowed up there,
never robbing people of their God 
without giving them a better one,
full of harmony, receptivity, peace,
taking time to celebrate what is right, 
the small wins, what is going well,
doing so in a beautiful poem.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Faith is the ground on which I walk.
Gratitude is the bed in which I lie.
Compassion is the blood which flows through me.
Generosity is the wind which lifts me.
Grace is the very air which I breathe.