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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Living Spaces

Been thinking about my age 
now that I’m seventy-five,
not so much about living longer,
more about truly being alive.
Never really thought about this age,
but now that it’s here,
it bears a little reflection,
thoughts of what I hold most dear.
Sunshine begetting flowers,
kindness creating humanity,
gratitude leading to happiness,
healthfulness without vanity.
Just sitting in my room,
comfortable in my thoughts,
thinking not of the nots,
focused on the oughts.
My brain doesn’t know what’s real
or imagined, or so it would seem,
I might as well trust in faith,
I might as well dream.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Future Perfect

All of a sudden, everything shifted.
And then, because of faith, the fog lifted.
I mean, now I look at myself in the mirror,
never have gotten stuck doing that before,
It’s my body, all right, and my hair,
even more white, so much of it there.
What the hell, it’s a used body, this one, 
well used, sometimes at work, other times fun.
But it’s not the body, at least not the externals,
that leads to awareness, including infernals.
There’s movement and change, I think maybe growth.
Wasn’t a churchgoer, a pray-er, but I’m there now, doing both.
Even my dreams have been altered, 
by cosmic forces or aging nostrils, who can tell?
Hopes and aspirations still abound, 
different now, and that’s just as well.
How will future success be measured?
Perhaps it’s in how well we manage change.
Maybe just let the change occur, be treasured,
allow the world to rearrange.
Whatever’s coming, there are a few things I know.
I want to laugh too much.
I plan to cry when it’s necessary.
I intend to be happy, healthy and at peace.
So, it’s not really change that’s due, at all.
It’s simply transformation.

Friday, March 27, 2020


We can save the world,
one person at a time,
one flower, one tree, one hummingbird,
each precious to its kind.
We can save the world,
transforming it with love,
with right action, too, 
not white magic from above.
We can save the world,
but it’ll take a miracle, they say.
Well, then, we’d best get started,
can’t think of a better day.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Today’s Joy

It’s not a time for clever analysis,
of what went wrong this time.
Gloomy mornings of winter 
are mostly gone now,
even as summer still sleeps,
not quite ready for her big entrance.
This is spring, and she’s still young,
so, satisfied, we might capture 
bits of today’s breezy brilliance,
enlivened by the simple pleasure of it all,
grateful for this good day.

Sunday, March 15, 2020


Should I feel

Should I feel 
stuck at home, afraid, or
connected to my love, blessed with this opportunity?
Should I feel 
lonely, sorry for my plight, or
connected to this shared experience with the world?
Should I feel
forsaken, distant from my neighbors, or
connected to this time to heal our Mother, our planet?
Should I feel 
alone, lost in my fear, my aging body, or
connected to eternity, knowing I am a divine soul.
Should I feel
anything but the spiritual truth of things, or
connected to the certainty that I am one with God?

Saturday, February 15, 2020

2020 Valentine

She’s my share-liver,
sometimes caregiver,
always has my back,
with skills I sometimes lack,
still gives me a whirls,
my cosmo-loving girl,
that cute redhead of mine,
my funny Valentine.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Quiet Time

Still the body,
silence the mind,
wait to see 
what the soul might find.
Slip through the cracks
of the outer world,
experience ease 
with peace unfurled.
Available always,
this holy lull,
becoming who 
we’re meant to be,
divinely full.