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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


if it brings you joy,
and it doesn't make me unhappy,
let's do it

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Magic

Always be yourself,
unless you can be a
Then be that.


The strongest people
I know ask for help
when they are
in need of it.


Once more,
it’s cataract surgery day.

(I’m hungry)

After the Cataract

All those mistakes we make?
Amazingly, no one
really notices.


When you love someone,
there's no need to do the math.
No calculating.


It's not a
kind of day.
It's the second
cataract day


It’s fine to be
whole-heartedly mediocre
at some daily tasks.

June 26

In my lifetime,
hope and despair
have been the same as
greed and anger.


Sometimes, I’m like
an old, blind dog,
running full speed
into the darkness.


Summer in San Diego
can be a
grand and fanciful story.


I find beauty in
unexpected moments,
like opening prize doors.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The days after the Kitty Scan

I try to show
my spiritual self
as harmlessly as I can.


It’s the little things
that trip me up,
take attention
from my purpose.


When the time comes,
I’ll not be alone.
They’ll all be there
to greet me.


Writing these seventeen’s
can be an effort,
unless I just speak truth.


Food, medicine, clothing shelter.
It’s all that monks need.
Why not me too?


We are all
just passing through.
Might as well do so
with joy and laughter.


Rejoice in the day,
walk more slowly,
maybe even felling groovy.


Contentment reaches me
when I realize
just how much
is enough.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 8

Nobody cares
what your major was.
They want to know 
what you will do.


When you find yourself
in a room, best assume that
you do belong there.


Don't let people
who don't matter too much
matter too much.


I'm enjoying 
this stage of my life,
where I can say no,
without guilt.


I'm happiest, 
(also most in love), 
when I bring 
everything I've got. 

I’ll see it
when I believe it.
That’s how it is.
“It” has no shortcuts.


No one but me is
in charge of my happiness.
I’m laughing out loud.


No matter how uneasy
some days are,
I recall that
I chose them.


What I picture is
what I create.
I am choosing
the best outcome.