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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

more 17 as April nears

I have more than I need,
though all plots have weeds.
Now I just need a seed.

We’re all just
passing through.
So what will you do
with the time
left to you?

It’s useful to attend
to what opens my heart,
awakens my soul.

Every day is
I Care About You Day,
including all of you.

When the world wears
on me, politics chafe,
there’s always our flowers.

Don’t give up.
Have courage.
Fight back.
Distribute your strength
to those in pain.

What lies behind,
what lies ahead,
are fine,
but, oh,
what lies within us.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

some more 17 syllables for 2017

Mindfulness requires engagement.
If we see something,
we must act.

My only hand-to-hand
combat now is when
I merge my palms to pray.

But wait, there’s also
those times of bowing
to friends, saying

When I can’t come up
with an answer, I know
that Grace will carry me

The longer I live,
the more I see
Divinity in everything.

My poetry spreads
at the rate it is meant to.
No publishers, please.

Guilt, shame, sadness and remorse
moved my past life.
Grace will carry me home.

I am ever striving for your happiness.
Have I been successful?

Monday, March 13, 2017

a few more...

I find faith
to be healthy,
a little doubt
to be good insurance.

I wake up in wonder.
According to Socrates,
I’ll soon be wise.

You gotta be a little crazy
to have an imagination.

I now seek
the longest grocer’s lines,
and am never disappointed.

I attend Seaside CSL
to learn how to think,
not what to think.

Glad to wake with just one
decision to make each day:
to be happy

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm happy

Glad to wake with only one
decision to make each day
to be happy

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm not deluded...

I’m not deluded
by how other folks think
my life should look and be.

Let me swim in the water
of the present,
sustained by the here and now.

The past is ever with us.
We can hope to remember
the lessons.

Monday, March 6, 2017

and, we continue on in 2017

Seeing how things are
is hard when all you can see
is how you are.

And the wise Doctor said:
Don’t let your good
stand in the way
of your great!

Even when he
doesn’t understand her,
he still loves
just who she is.

A leap of faith
is not a jump from A to B.
It’s a jump from A.

Waking up is just not
always a comfortable

Attending to another’s needs is
For them, for us.

Doing work that I am
not paid to do
feels like
a great victory.

So happy to have
realized that God is not
unhappy with me.