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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Brothers and Sisters, the Marines

The only war that matters
is the one you fought in.
All warriors
have this understanding.
All veterans
have this agreement.
So many wars,
yet only one was the worst.
It’s the one you fought in.
Because it happened to you.
There’s love for the nation,
rich and powerful and beautiful.
(but not perfect).
So many battles,
even when there was
nothing to win.
My brothers and sisters
did not, do not,
fight for a nation, not really.
They did not, do not,
fight for some higher authority.
nearly never.
They fight for each other,
keeping their pledge,
abiding by their oath,
operating with ruthless honor.
They fight together,
my brothers and sisters,
protecting the living and
attending to their higher obligation,
remembering the dead.
My brothers and sisters,
The Marines.
I love them and appreciate them,
even when I have not met them,
I know them.