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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Found Money

What would one do if a million dollars was suddenly theirs, tax-free?

Found some change,
In the usual way,
under the cushions,
on housecleaning day.

Received a dollar
in the daily mail,
please fill in the query
about this thing that they sell.

Got five bucks more
from my Milwaukee sis,
with blessings for frolics,
no problems with this.

Won ten at lunchtime
at cribbage I’m hot,
no place to spend it,
so into the pot.

A friend gave me twenty,
he paid back a loan,
I don’t really need it,
now what have I done.

One hundred was entered
in my bank account,
a reversal of charges,
of just that amount.

Now, if a thousand
should slyly appear,
I’d likely be happy,
I might even cheer.

But, man, with a million,
(no taxes at that),
I’d shake like my Chevy,
right after a flat.

My life is too good
to be spoiled by money,
with wife, friends and cats,
I’ve no need, but my honey

might say something different,
might jump at the luck.
She’d know how to use it,
with aplomb and with pluck.

Our families would profit
And friends would all learn
how generous she is
with fortune unearned.

Her charities likely
would gain what they need,
especially stray kitties,
oh my how they’d feed.

Our housing is perfect,
no reason to change,
location, location
must not rearrange.

But Macy’s and Nordstrom’s
And Chico’s, for sure,
would garner new sales
they have such allure.

Yet after the rush
of a bounty so vast,
we’d come to reality,
hopefully fast.

There just isn’t much
we don’t already have,
nothing to wish for,
nothing to crave.

So let that big bonus
find a home with another
and leave us in peace,
in love with each other.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Forest Is An Acorn

Would you have hope, offer one penny.
Would you have dreams, proffer one cheer.
Would you have health, eat one small apple.
Would you have success, work for one hour.
Would you have fun, unschedule one day.
Would you have humor, smile at one joke.
Would you have beauty, open one eye.
Would you have music, make one simple sound.
Would you have faith, accept one unknown.
Would you have agreement, let one bias fall.
Would you have quiet, sit still for one minute.
Would you have love, hold on to one hand.
Would you have peace, just love one another.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When is a poem complete (one poet's view)

When do you know a poem is finished?

After I've sat with it a week or two and shown it to one of my trusty couple of readers and gotten his or her feedback, that's when I know it's ready to send out. Finished is another story. I'm more of a poem abandoner than a finisher. I never feel like my poems are finished.

- Frank Giampietro