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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Judgment and Evaluation

Sometimes I think
I’ve gotten the upper hand
on living, especially when
I stop looking only
for fastballs.
The thing is,
there are mirrors
in our home,
and I’m long-time wed,
so I know
I’m no authority
on anything.
There have been
too many mistakes,
so many wrong judgments,
it all seems like
a research project,
in progress.
I do know one thing for sure, though.
If you want to be respected,
do everything you say you’ll do,
no matter what.
No Matter What.
Now, all this nattering,
most of this chatter,
coming from me
at this stage of life,
might just be
a sign of age.
Or, I might be right.
You never can tell.

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