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Friday, April 24, 2015


Day 24 of the PAD Challenge and we are to write a "moment" poem. I discovered three of them:


small gestures,
shared routines,
rituals and observances,
all coin relationships,
each moment an opportunity
for a healing ceremony,
a chance
to light a lamp,
in broad daylight.


There arrives a moment
in each day,
when the poems are written,
the dishes put away,
both cats asleep on the sofa.
This is the moment
to celebrate,
challenge yourself,
forget that you can’t
sing or dance,
do something that
if caught, will
embarrass you.

dear friend:

yes, it is agreed,
present moment,
wonderful moment,
but nothing good
comes out of nowhere.

doing is easy.
having is easier.
being is easiest.
trying is exhausting,
too much toil,
less of a musical,
more an opera,
with the soundtrack
of a daytime soap.

seems so simple,
but the road to mantras
exacts a hefty toll,
and no one,
 it seems,
easily recovers
from the dis-
ease of birth.

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