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Sunday, April 12, 2015


 My monkey mind’s been busy,
thinking about revolution,
or maybe the idea of it,
the impulse to rebel now and then.
Not the youthful cries
for freedom,
not political demands
for change.
Been thinking more about
being happy all the time,
doing something radical,
like being nice to everyone.
Every day, my body gets closer
to its expiration date.
Sooner or later,
this physical self won’t exist.
There are only so many sunsets,
so few full moons to enjoy,
yet so many other people
to enjoy them with along the way.
This body’s a bit of a wreck,
definitely well-used,
but it’s still good fortune
to not die young.
I have no fear of dying,
but death waits for all of us.
The body might be bruised,
but there need not be

collateral damage to the soul.

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