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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Faith and Science

You don’t have to search for heaven.
There’s nothing to look for.
It’s already here,
within and without you.
The world as it is
is far bigger than the one that we see.
Everything’s in motion,
vibrating with its own rhythm,
accessible on a primal frequency,
resonating with its own identity.
Not just the oxygen breathers,
also the earth, rocks and trees,
certainly the oceans, lakes and rivers,
trembling with their voices,
open to your senses.
There is nothing to fear,
only to capture,
to feel and remember.
If you can allow that this is so,
not subject it to the test of
some scientific method,
if you can just have it be,
why you can move mountains.
There’s no need for me to prove this,
solely to share my experience of it,
like the Santa Rosa plum tree
I planted over a septic field,
on a mountain side
in Penngrove, California.
I am in that tree,
and that tree is in me.

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