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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cause In the Matter

 Recalling those early television
sets, the ones with rabbit ears,
remembering how we lived,
far out in the country, with
great communication between
neighbors, but lousy reception
on the TV, so we’d stand
to the side, grab the ears with
one hand and do a strange
little dance sometimes, until
the picture cleared. Sometimes,
it was the only way to watch,
so we’d take turns.
I wonder about that now.
Was there something invisible
flowing through us to the tubes?
Was it the same something
making its way from our
cell phones to our ears today?

I wonder, too, what else our
bodies are channeling, what other
unseen images on the stations
we choose in life., what frequencies
we receive, and send.
Maybe we can still
use that rabbit ears trick to
change programs when we
don’t like what’s on,
switch from doom and gloom
to joy-joy, from hot and heavy
to mellow fellow. Should be
easier now, and I bet someone’s
working on an app for it.

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