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Thursday, April 21, 2011

ten by ten, 10 x 10

we are challenged to write a poem with ten lines, ten syllables in each line. My efforts:

Greek Wedding

There’s magic in a wedding, Big Fat Greek,
or otherwise. There’s mystery as well,
to the old folks, no surprise. There’s uncles
and aunts, cousins distant and close, nieces,
nephews and yia yia’s, parents and brothers
the most important of all. Midst the din
and the joy, just a small touch of madness,
make no mistake, there’s also great gladness,
laughter and smiles, the start of life anew,
abracadabra, now one made from two



One of us will die first, one left behind.
One of us will remain, it’s just the kind
of trap we’ve woven for ourselves, this spin
of the wheel, however we feel, it’s in
understanding this we can have the best
of our lives, this friendship thing, the real test
not in who dies first, in who longer lives,
but in the now moment, this is what gives
joy to the two of us, the daily win,
not in waiting for our lives to begin.

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