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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Message Found In a Desk Drawer

Thank you for completing me,
this not being the last thing I
ever did, yet it was
left hanging,
waiting for your role.
Did I die well?
I had given the matter great thought,
well, frequent thought at least,
perhaps not so profound.
My preference would have been
for the least untidy end, free of trauma,
for me, to be sure,
but even more for the discoverer.
I had thought it would be best to be
asleep at the time, but maybe not so,
possibly at my desk,
one last comma to insert,
or to remove.
I did not want it to be in public,
strangers made awkward by the intrusion,
but my fondness for my loves
led me to wish for not at home.
Ah, the dilemma.
Well, no more.
What it was, it was.
Do not be sad, please, as I am not,
having seen some of what is to be,
the great mystery, the hopeful maybe.
Be well, and do great work with small things.

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