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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Name Dropping

It’s the Buddha’s birthday today.
I don’t know how we know that,
But it is. It just is.

What if his most recent incarnation
is in a poet, and not just any poet,
but in Billy Collins, a rhyming superstar.

Or maybe he’s in Garrison Keillor,
a lover of all things poetic,
and a mighty fine hot damn poet himself.

I’m pretty sure he
wasn’t in Wordsworth,
though it’s his birthday too.

It’s more likely
to be Ravi Shankar,
ninety-one today.

He could, I suppose,
be in that poet Moskowitz,
wouldn’t that be a hoot?


  1. What fun to read and it has my mind on "what if Buddha was a poet". I'll have to read Billy Collins in a new light now. LOL