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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

I will not sit idly by,
Allowing all those hurtful words,
the weak should not be made to cry,
if they are harmed, then we cross swords.

I will not sit idly by,
by my quiet allowing bullies to berate,
to abuse the weak, as they often try,
and when they do, I won’t hesitate.

I will not sit idly by,
hearing hebe, spic, nigger, dyke,
faggot, cripple, crybaby cry,
rag head, slope, slut and kyke.

I will not sit idly by,
or I would be the same as them,
I will not allow these words to fly
without response, never again.


  1. Daniel, Pearl alerted me to your post on Poetic Asides. I used to post there quite frequently and am known as a cranky leftie social activist, very much the PFLAG mom. My daughter is a Jewish (but baptized!) agnostic gender-queer artist, so she fits many of the categories that get bullied. I am SO appreciative of your poem and came to your actual site to comment. There are not enough folks willing to write this tough stuff. I applaud your poem and thank you.

    Here is a recent poem of mine:

    Thanks again, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  2. oh Amy, we are proud PFLAGER's as well, and I am beyond grateful foryour visit