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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nothing Easy About Love

There’s an underneath to most things, perhaps
all, though a bother at times to see, there
is a will, I think, to be observed, to
be witnessed, maybe even deciphered.
Not too deep, the work not a drudge, the path
most often direct, at times a little
to the left or right, if we would see the
wonder of it all, the truth, the beauty, the
cracker jack prize. Sometimes the surface has
a crust to it, needs a little probe, but
be gentle, if you would make your way inside,
coatings of love and fear equally fragile.


  1. linked here from your post on the PA site...somehow I just find leaving comments there to be too cumbersome! your post. Especially the reference to cracker jack prize.

    Good job!

  2. Love the purple paper background!

    Hi Dan, I really did like this poem and reading it again I like it more.

  3. er, oops, fat fingers...of course, I meant kindnesses