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Saturday, July 9, 2016

What Are Days For?

The sky is vast, and sometimes
seems not of our world.
Even as the clouds weep,
and the earth cries out in pain,
it is possible
to love throughout the day,
to find joy midst the suffering.
Walking through our world,
it is possible
for every living soul
to have innate Buddhist wisdom,
being and acting as harmless
as they know how to be.
It is possible
to smother anger and hate,
to cover them with
charity, sympathy, tenderness, benevolence.
It is possible
to practice radical humility.
It is possible
to notice that what is convenient for us
is inconvenient for others.
It is possible
to slow down,
walk more slowly on the earth,
be healing and strong,
rejoice in the day.
What else are days for?

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