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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Still Dreaming, But...

Thought some about retirement,
working 24/7 in those early days
also about quietly basking
in a summer sun’s rays.
First had to put nuts away
for the long winter ahead,
fussing about future finances,
about a more secure homestead.
The work’s been done for a while,
and there’ve been homesteads eight,
all of them quite nice,
a few of really great.
Now late winter approaches,
there’re still nuts in the bank.
We’ve had a lot of good luck
and some hard work to thank.
That doesn’t mean, though,
that we’ve stopped our dreaming,
occasionally planning
and adventure scheming.
We have more time now
for the things we hold dear,
but not for future fussing,
the future’s already here.
So, what of past thoughts,
when we thought we might roam,
well, to tell you the truth, it’s
just easier to stay home.

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