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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


So many voices,
so many choices.
Where will it be?
What shall we do?
Will there be many?
Will there be few?
At the beach with a peach,
or in the park with a lark,
a twosome romantic,
or a field trip pedantic?
Potato salad, fruit salad (hugs),
chicken salad, tofu salad (ughs).
the kind mom made,
or ice cold beer,
like dad held dear.
Hummus and crackers,
or, better by far,
black bean salsa,
Texas Caviar.
As for the games,
there’s none that’s
that’s a loss,
from a three-legged race
to a messy egg toss.
There’s badminton, Frisbee,
horseshoes as well,
and the pie-eating winner
will be easy to tell.
Whatever the choices,
just get out in the fun,
and never forget,
it’s supposed to be fun.

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