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Monday, July 25, 2016

A Few Earthly Delights

If it was mine, I’d have given her the world,
everything in great shape, shiny, like new,
and she’d probably have liked that,
would have appreciated it too.
But I have owned so little of it,
not much of it mine,
so I have given her instead,
a daily homemade valentine.
In the past, my gifts have varied,
some patchouli oil, some seeds,
like for the Cosmos I didn’t care for,
but flowers perfect for her needs.
I’m a bit wiser now,
(well older anyhow),
still own little of the world today,
and what’s it matter anyway?
I recently located the best gift of all,
better than top shelf or anything up above,
almost forty-six years into marriage,
I’ve never been more in love.

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