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Friday, July 22, 2016


Lemonade days,
Watermelon nights,
Backyard cookouts,
And seaside delights.
Fireworks explosions,
Sun tan lotions,
Root beer floats,
No need for coats.
Frilly light tops,
Beach time  flip-flops,
Traveling nation,
Happy staycation.
Seasonal pears,
Prizes from fairs,
Shakespeare in the park,
Carnivals after dark.
Thundering skies,
Bright fireflies,
Sandal-free feet,
Ice cream so sweet.
Hopscotch skip,
Family road trip,
Poem some new rhyme,
Travel in time.
Bonfires with friends,
The heat never ends,
Swim in a pool,
Try to stay cool.
Trashy novels galore,
Marshmallows and s’mores,
Rolling in grass,
Sweating ice tea glass.
Adventures by biking,
See nature by hiking,
Oh say can you see,
How well I can Frisbee,
And watch how I play
A mad game of croquet.
Hammocks for napping,
Butterfly trapping,
Relax on a swing,
To America we sing.
Just yakking and lazing,
Nighttime stargazing,
Daytime blue skies,
Making mud pies,
Telling white lies.
My how time flies.

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