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Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016

Urban Solace

I hear the sirens call,
their capacity to annoy,
then think of EMT’s close
at hand, to help, and all
pique quickly turns to joy.
Small village life is nice,
has benefits of its own,
but I’d have to think more than twice
before the metro I’d disown.
It’s more neighborly
in suburban climes,
and rural areas offer
quieter times,
but I prefer a citified life,
less steamed, more fried,
and yes, some strife.
I like my films
more foreign than tame,
need music, art and plays,
a tad more stimulating game.
I like immigrants, with their
cultures from across the sea,
their foods, language, dress,
are invaluable to me.
I opt for civic action,
it cannot come as news,
let others have serenity,

It’s an urban life I choose.

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