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Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016

Not Done Yet

Getting long in the tooth now,
and this old bodily vessel has
been taking on water for some time,
it’s flat-out well-used, as nature intended.
Not ready to hand in my papers, though,
nor be donned in my gaudiest clothes,
to hear from afar
the lavish praises of my loved ones,
ring in the next turn of the wheel,
join my brothers on the wall
of the dearly departed.
Not ready to go yet.
Got too much work left to do.
There’s apologies to make,
finances to secure,
letters to burn,
estates to settle.
Need to pass along the passwords,
label all the keys,
blacklist all the accounts social,
use up all the words

intended for my use.

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