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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016

Last Call at the Poetry Bar & Grill

Here’s a toast to all of the
poets, versifiers, bards and minstrels,
laureates or not,
and let’s not forget their muses,
their sources, the seeds of great works.
All the alliterative assonance, allegory
and anapest has been spilled,
the tables littered with similes, imagery,
metaphor and points of view.
This is a place for everyday scribes,
 full of simple rhymes, and free verse,
no villanelles, sestinas or sonnets welcome.
And don’t get me started on onomatopoeia.
So drink up, my friends,
tomorrow’s another day,
another PAD prompt on the way,
but now we pack it in, slide into
the denouement, scramble for a climax,
say goodnight to meter and foot,
it’s last call at the

Poetry Bar & Grill.

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