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Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016

Athens Market Café

The first time we went,
it was for the food.
The second time it was
for the food, and for Nick.
The next three hundred times
have been for parea, for comfort.
I can make an equal pastitsio,
every Greek can,
so long as they use
their yia-yia’s recipe.
Same thing goes for
moussaka, horta, salata horiatiki
and avgolemono.
Well, maybe not the latter, but
surely yes, the lentil soup.
What I can’t get at home is
Nick’s beaming smile,
arms open wide,
assurances that there’s always
the “family chairs” in the kitchen
when the place is packed.
The tastes, the smells, the music,
the ease, all
evoking memories of Sunday afternoons,
with thia’s and theos and cousins all around.
There’s nothing like going out

and being home.

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