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Sunday, April 15, 2012


On Sunday’s, I strap on
my go-to-meetin’ best,
(which is not much, really),
and head off to the Unity Center,
my spiritual sanctuary,
where struggle and strife
get left at the door, and
all social masks are deposited
in the bin next to the umbrella stand.
I seek a non-anxious presence
in an anxious world , which
can be work of a sort, but
not if the trying is removed,
silently slashed away by
that still, small voice.
Unity is not a bumper sticker type
of place, and we don’t wear buttons
with witty sayings of positive thinking.
We do wear name tags, however,
and “effortless effort” is present in
invisible ink on each.
On Sunday, when we gather,
it is clear that it is love and light and good
that are real in the world,
not evil, that nonsubstantive thought balloon
that goes “poof”, as we sit like
the lilies of the field.
We sing and pray and meditate,
rejoicing in the effect that community brings.
I don’t know what name to give that effect,
but it is tangible, and even though,
like the wind, it is invisible,
we experience it.
Unlike the wind, it reaches inside,
warming and shaping, often healing.
By the time Reverend Wendy speaks,
it is almost unnecessary.
Wanted, always interesting,
definitely challenging,
but unneeded.
Really, she could just stand there and
smile at us.
It would do.


  1. This is so good. I'd love to experience this myself!

    1. y'all come...down 215 to 15 to exit on Miramar Road and let yourinternal GPS get you the rest of the way