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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Take Me Out

I ‘m not too crazy
about most sports these days,
except college football,
fans, parties, thrilling plays.
Even there, so much corruption
and cheating to see,
college - or pro - no matter,
too many cases of me, me, me.

Baseball’s an exception,
still warm to the touch.
not the results,
or the players so much.
An easy game to watch,
Mr. Doubleday’s invention,
long lazy afternoons,
not requiring much attention.

The season itself,
is too long to matter,
but a singular game,
ah, the smells, sights and chatter.
There’s a lot going on,
regardless the score,
the peanuts alone
bring me back for one more.

Night games don’t thrill me,
they just seem out of touch
with the soul of the game,
the drive home is too much
Take me out to a day game,
I’m always up for that.
We’ll swap lies of our prowess,
when we held a bat

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