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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Can Hope

Hard to imagine, really,
those twin sisters in Oslo,
working in separate labs
and coming up with cures
for the common cold,
both on the same day,
the same sisters who earlier
found the AIDS vaccine
and the silver bullet cure
for all those types of cancer.
Incredibly, their cousins
in Somalia and Syria
were the ones who discovered
the peace pill,
the same cousins who
snuck it into the world’s
water supplies in 2012.
Awesomely, their mother,
the Nobel laureate for
All Good Things
is the one who drew up the plans
for food distribution, worldwide.
Hard to imagine, really,
a world before that time,
where people were starving,
even though there was
an abundance of food.
Their father is only a carpenter,
but, oh what a carpenter.
He’s the guy who designed
those inexpensive, off-the-grid houses,
taking the homeless off the streets .
What a family, the Mann’s.
Hard to imagine, really.

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