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Monday, February 13, 2017

More Seventeen Syllables for 2017

Aiming to be calm, mindful,
as the world’s  begging me to
lose my cool

Hoping I can find
more understanding,
more compassion
to offer.

Please be generous with me.
 I am imperfect.
But I am trying.

I love real people,
especially the odd ones,
a little off.

Everyone I meet is a teacher,
sometimes for better,
others worse.

When my dreams are
more vivid than reality,
I forget to act.

I sometimes write
long poems because
It takes too long
To write shorter ones.

I’m doing okay
accepting others,
less so forgiving myself.

I just heard an old
Western adage:
When your horse is dead,
get off it.

I have been given so much,
and now I am called
to share my blessings.

I am enjoying
my human experience.
It’s a perfect fit.

I see you,
I love you,
and I support you
in your magnificence.

We’re born for these times,
and I am willing to do
whatever it takes.

Thanks, reader, for taking
a break from The News
and enjoying yourself.



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