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Monday, February 13, 2017

Fourteen Words for Love

14 Words for Love

All you need is love.
Maybe a chocolate malt, too.
Oh, and some wi-fi.

Nearly half
a century together,
and I still love you
even more each day.

I pray for peace,
and for calm.
You remain the answer
to my prayers.

Imperfect as I am,
I still work daily
to be worthy
of your love.

Oh for young love again,
when I so needed
the lessons of old age.

The simplest meal,
If it’s prepared with love,
becomes a work of art.

Cherishing you is the source of
my happiness and good fortune.
Daily problems vanish.

We must have loved before,
in another time, place, existence.
How else explain it?

If love is a lottery,
I’m so glad
You took a chance on me.

I stare in the dark,
while you sleep,
amazed at how
lucky I am.

I have a secret.
I’m in love with
my best friend.
Think she knows?

Holding your love close,
not wanting it to fade,
like a perfect Spring day.

There’s a time for
passionate love,
also one for
becoming quiet.
Both are sweet.

It is only when
I forget my needs
that I can begin
to love.

It’s pure and kind
and free and unlimited,
given without needs.
It’s unconditional.

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