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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pathya Vat

The Pathya Vat is a Cambodian verse form, consisting of four lines of four syllables each, where lines two and three rhyme. When a poem consists of more than one stanza, the last line of the previous stanza rhymes with the second and third lines of the following one.

Ben Says
To gain a friend,
a new someone,
just anyone,
Take a favor.
It matters not
what’s your flavor,
what you savor.
Just let it be.
Just let it in
and you will see.
It’s so easy
to gain a friend.

Winston Nhat Hanh
Listen for a
mindfulness bell.
Your lungs will swell,
In time you’ll tell.
If you think you’re
going through hell,
then mind me well,
just keep going.

A choice that’s great,
better than hate.
Don’t you think so?
Allow sadness,
go with the flow,
let worry go,
simple as that.

Forgive yourself.
Sit on your mat,
Zen Bureacrat.
Just mind your breath.

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