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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My God and my Bod Both Love a Little Humor

I’m getting around
in a used body now,
recently found
it’s when, not how,
that matters.
We’re just passing through,
a few times like new,
usually in tatters.
All things ephemeral,
they come and they go,
it’s a good thing, in general,
to think this, to know
that if we would be happy,
to prosper, to thrive,
it’s best to be joyful
about being simply alive.
We all want to live
as long as we might,
to keep keeping on,
to fight the good fight,
and continue with chances
to come up to bat,
but we don’t like what happens
to a body which does that.
It’s all over too soon,
in a flash, in a blink,
and none of us has
as much time as we think.
As for me, I think,
before my last bow,
I’ll aim to be present
In the here and the now,
And what will I think
as I lay down to rest?
I hope when I’m gone,
I’ ll be less of a pest.

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