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Sunday, June 12, 2016

He;s Nothing at All

Perhaps it was once
handsome, his face,
long before
his present disgrace.
The thinning hair,
perhaps once blond
before grasping hands
reached too far beyond.
His peacock soul,
his sparrow’s brain,
his eyes of coal,
to us so plain.
Evil, not madness,
from those eyes
poison, not cure,
from those lies.
False prophets before
have called this way,
come to me,
we’ll rule the day.
Don’t drink that kool-aid,
put down that glass,
taste not the pourings
of a pompous ass.
The fool’s excuse
is worse than his crime,
this is Our moment,
this is Our time.
Know yourself,
follow your heart,
but don’t just sit there,
we each play a part.
We can’t hide reason,
Our faith must be shown,
there’s no blaming others
if Our future is blown.
No ass-eared fool
should block Our goals
for the sake of Our children,
for the love of their souls.

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