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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time to Eat

today we are asked to weave 3 of 6 words into a poem, all 6 for extra credit...can you guess the words? effort:

Feeding Time

There once were four
birdfeeders in our yard,
two seed, two humming,
festooned with the usual
red and yellow.
After we erected
a glass fence to
keep a hungry pest
of a rambling coyote
from our household feline,
said cat became too
fond of birds and
the hummingbirds became
too fond of cracking
their necks on glass
they could not see.
After a few fatal hiccups,
wincing at the sight,
the seed beds are
gone, and the sugar
water is elsewhere,
but all the birds remain,
hoping for a change
of heart and mind.
We see them at
their accustomed
feeding time,
large and small,
colorful and plain,
doves and wrens,
tits and orioles.

And one,
very observant

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