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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cooking Bliss

I love to cook
especially for friends.
There's the food, of course,
the stories we tell,
and before an evening ends,
I simply feel satisfied,
where in the past,
I'd feel stress.
There's a simple reason
for this emotion,
my gustatory happiness.
I’ve learned to take my time,
the secrets of mis en place,
a sip of the cooking wine,
well, maybe an entire glass.
But mostly what it is,
the core of my cooking bliss:
when I peel the potatoes,
I peel the potatoes.
When I cut the tomatoes,
I cut the tomatoes.
When I stir the soup,
I stir the soup.
When I chop the greens,
I chop the greens.
That’s all it takes,
so it seems.

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