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Monday, December 29, 2014

Art & Raina, 201-2015


O – M-  G!
Can it Be?
New Year’s already,
another anniversary.
It’s not as easy as
they make it seem,
Mad-town’s Art & Raina,
a Badger dream team.
We like how they laugh,
adore how they smile,
there’s no one quite like them,
not for many a mile.
From the left coast,
a “holla”,
from Aunt Kay,
“Xronia polla”,
From Zach’s friends in England,
“cheers” and “huzzah”.
Another year over,
is this as good as they get?
Nah, they’ll keep getting better,
on that you can bet.
Sweet thoughts to the H.’s,
like coos from a dove,
have a year filled with happy,
with healthy, with love.

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