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Friday, April 18, 2014

Tornado Alley

I look into the cat’s eyes
and he tells me there’s a storm coming.
Not the purple-black skies of
Sedona monsoons,
more the unleashed whirlwinds
of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Always the most charming of
our lifetime’s 25 feline friends,
Max has more gravity now,
made wary by the iciness
of his new sister.

Reesie is her name,
possession is her game.
She was an only child for so long,
lived in a microclimate of her own,
never had to live with
the updrafts and downdrafts of another pet.

But she’s here now,
cuddly with the humans,
not so with the Max,
where she’s usually just a cold front,
but sometimes a cyclone.
He’s been waiting her out,
but his eyes tell me
there’s a storm coming.
Will it be a gale,
or is an haboob on the horizon?
Stay tuned.

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