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Monday, April 28, 2014


Almost a year into our latest house
the one we call our forever home,
the toes-up place,
last stop before the old folks dome.
Yesterday, I heard a guy at Home Depot,
talking about the bargain he got,
a house for sale for too much, too long,
and he said he picked it up for a song.
They wanted three hundred, you see,
he stole it for two fifty-three.
We have something like that,
(well, not really,)
since they asked for the moon and the stars,
and we said okay, then tossed in the sun (so far).
It’s fine, we say, because here we’re staying,
forever and a day, (at least so I’m praying).
Remodeling is always pricier than planned,
but, not to worry, you see it’s all good,
we’d only waste that money on frivolous stuff,
you know, like clothing and food.

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