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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back again..two-fer Tuesday

Leaving Sedona

As easy as a five-dollar whore,
we signed , we packed, we left.
Six years of second home,
not enough for regrets.
Neighbors, yes,
pals, a few,
friends, none.
It was a lovely scene,
still is, no longer
for our eyes.

Getting older now,
faster than we’d thought.
Time for urban life,
noisy, yet fresh and new,
dusty trails used up,
boots and bikes put away.
New parks and plays, museums too,
replacing canyon maps
with GPS, Dharma’s voice
leading us who knows where.

Get Ready, San Diego

Here we come,
ready or not.
We’re not those
hometown sailors
of your past,
the ones who
never leave,
more like Marines,
home from their wars
money to burn,
itches to scratch.

We’re thirsty,
parched even,
desperate for
a drink of alive,
eager for
new sounds and smells
so bring on the sirens,
let the trucks roar,
we’re taking
the freeway to
what’s next.

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