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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Supposedly Anti-Love

Time and Tide

So we start with love
and add some strife
the real kind, you know,
the facts of life.

True Love exists,
it really thrives,
but speed bumps enter
all our lives.

Add a baby,
sleepless nights,
spats at first,
then the fights.

Trouble at work,
some unpaid bills,
a broken car,
the usual ills.

Daily chores
win the bout,
lovely meals
become take-out.

Hair gets thin
and no one’s slimmer,
sex becomes
a distant glimmer.

But we survive
we really do,
there’s something better,
something new.

True Love seems
like simple lust
when we develop
faith and trust.

Experience and
time can teach
that happiness
is in our reach.

Forget True Love,
let it rest
seek Anti-Love,
it’s for the best.

Anti-Love survives
the rages,
and sees us through
our golden ages.

True Love gives
a mighty start,
but Anti-Love
has all the heart.

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