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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Recent Poems


You pout,
A kitten cries,
Fog curtains the sun.

You smile,
The Buddha sighs,
A rainbow pauses.

You point your tongue,
My heart laughs,
A summer shower.

It Works For me

It works for me this life of joy
that I have gained as a geisha boy,
serving my wife and others too,
daily happiness in what I do,
this world of excellent employ.

Could there be more to enjoy
were I in routine paid employ?
Writing, painting, film screening too,
it works for me, this life of joy.

No monthly check, no store-bought toy
could equal when someone calls, “boy”,
How can I be of aid to you?
It’s the most selfish thing I do.
It works for me this life of joy.

About the Haiku

Always three lines,
some say a focus on
nature must thrive.
Others insist
a season
we see,
unrhymed slice of life
with epiphany.
A pivotal point
‘tween lines two and three,
all said in one breath
with great brevity.
Present tense mandated,
minimalist view, but
if you use humor, it
becomes senryu.
Some think a hybrid
form should be free
of anyone’s mandates
for natural plea
I say, just write,
describe but don’t tell
unless it’s a haibun,
which works just as well.


You scrunch up your nose,
A forsaken infant laughs.
A summer shower.

My heart sings its song,
Spring rains on the horizon.
We must mend the roof

Cool light from afar
Summer crops need attending
bees remain divine

Summer heat arrives
Snowbirds flee, ants fear the rain
The monks pray for peace.

Trees tremble in fear
Earth's fever removes rivers
Spring's new lambs still sleep

Birds waver in flight
fall's invisible thermals
still meditation

and, for the modernists...

Awaiting the nurse
hoping she will be pleasant
what does it matter

and just for fun:

Haiku? I hardly know you

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