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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Anniversary 2015

There's no better day on the calendar than this one. It started well before 1970, but that's the time when we started counting, married at halftime of the Packer game.
Anniversary 2015
We’ve done it again, another great year,
making it happily to forty-five,
we go on fabulously, gloriously,
loving and sharing, my how we thrive.
Oh, maybe we’re not quite so strong,
what with knees, stomachs and eyes,
the words we too often bandy,
but given we’ve used our bodies for so very long,
how amazing it is we’re still such arm candy,
There’s no doubt,
it simply can not be denied,
whether upright or not,
we’ll always have each other’s side.
Just the thought of us
forever provides me a thrill.
It’s always been so, and
I know it always will.
We’re older, of course, so it’s
a different type of pleasure,
a more comfortable feeling,
one we can longer treasure.
(and isn’t that beyond measure.)

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