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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nashville Rag

Bill and Shannon,
sittin’ in a tree,
huggin’ and kissin’
in Tennessee.
Lovie’s not a-Howellin’
and Baron soundly sleeps,
Sam Hall’s finding safe spots,
knows they’re there for keeps.

The Johnny Cash Museum,
four more hands in play.
What’s that, the kids don’t need ‘em?
That’ll be the day.
The new kid on Third Avenue,
nothing does it lack,
a brand new House of Cash,
praise the Man in Black.

Corona’s in the rearview,
the mountain’s closed for good,
Palm Springs still a favorite,
when sunshine fits their mood.
They’re on a grand adventure,
great wonders a sure bet,
new things to see, to go, to be,
and friends they’ve never met.

So here’s to Bill and Shannon,
Nashville’s newest toy,
wishing them 100 years
of happiness and joy.

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