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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Light & Dark

It has been a good day,
nothing too grand, nor magical,
simply a few hours of quiet enjoyment,
some idle conversation with friends,
cheered on by the crisp sunlight of early spring,
hands shielding eyes against the glare,
smelling the ocean in the thin clouds,
down here, close to the border with Mexico.

How hopeful the sounds of passersby,
baseball season upon them,
the dark days of busted brackets behind,
still a rosy outlook for the local heroes,
not yet time for clever analysis,
of what went wrong this time.
There’ll be time later for the reality of defeats,
their shadows eclipsing today’s bright sun.

The gloomy mornings of winter are gone now,
but summer still sleeps,
not quite ready for her big entrance.
This is spring, and she’s still young,
so, satisfied, we capture
bits of today’s breezy brilliance,
enlivened by the simple pleasure of it all,
grateful for this good day.

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