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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Valentine

Valentine 2013

She’s got cat power,
that one gal of mine,
and that’s just one reason
she’s my Valentine.
She’s got cheetah speed,
when it comes to what’s right.
If you’re thinking I love her,
you know I just might.
She’s got an elephant’s memory
after all of these years,
forty-two and counting,
most of them dears.
She’s got the mischief of monkeys
when it hits her, the mood,
her teasing’s outrageous,
her jokes mostly good.
She’s not tall, no giraffe,
more koala in size,
but height doesn’t matter,
she’s the light of my eyes.
How many more critters
do you think I can name?
They all make me happy,
that’s the core of this game.
They’re just like my Barbara,
helping me smile,
likely forever,
and that’s a long while.
If forever’s not possible,
well what can I say,
I’ll treasure each moment,
each delightful day.

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