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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspiration from the words of others

From the very first Poetic Bloomings prompt, and from the sensitive work of Marie Elena Good, entitled “Of Dandelions and Manicures””

"One scatters dandelion seeds,
Who understands a daydream’s needs."


I think of her often,
living in a smallish place,
a friend to so many,
living vastly flung.
I choose to think of her
with a broad smile,
sometimes a loud laugh,
at all times huggable.
I never consider
the possibility of frowns
or headaches,
or any other form of discontent.
It’s my daydream,
and I’ll have in it what I want.

Also from the initial Poetic Bloomings prompt, and from the passionate work of Walt Wojtanik,
entitled “A Touch”:

"It is desire of the highest power.
It has been left to burn unattended"


There can be no turning back,
bridges blown asunder,
boats all sunk,
there is only forward in our plans.
It is not that we are brave,
simply that there is no choice,
courage not at issue,
as the fire rages at our backs.
We can cure the ills of the world.
We can. We will. We must.

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