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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I mention Serena to someone
at least once a day.
This is today’s, and it gets to
a whole bunch of special someone’s.

She used to be Maxine, my Serena,
before she felt the call.
I think it started with a whim and
a prayer, a weekend retreat.
That’s all?

She’s Reverend Serena now, it’s
unlikely they call her Rev, no doubt,
at that abbey up north near Shasta Mountain.
So far from me, can she hear me?
My shout?

I mention her when I think of her,
really, I do, every day.
for the simplest of reasons, because
I’m a better man for it, or at least I try to be.
So I say.

She left me a book 12 years ago,
when she left me,
told me not to be greedy with 163 pages
of Zen Seeds. I just finished it.

She’s a Contemplative Buddhist,
my friend.
I think about that a lot.
She’d find that more funny than ironic.
How Zen.

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