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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Invictus, The Road, A Single man, The Lovely Bones

Invictus - now wasn't that a fast 134 minutes...very enjoyable...could have easily become sappy and heavy handed, but it didn't...particularly liked how Damon and Freeman disappeared into their roles...Eastwood took a sport that 98% of the audience knows nothing about, educated us in terms of what we needed to know very quickly, then proceeded with a perfect metaphor for the human condition of South Africa, circa 1994

The Road - tough to watch, like Precious, but, unlike Kenneth Turan, I think the payoff was worth it, and it did a fine job of translating Cormac Mc Carthy's written work

A Single Man
- one of my top fims of the year, serious and thoughtful, yet also stylish, and Colin Firth & Julianna Moore are not to be believed, they are so good at their craft

The Lovely Bones - better than average, but a lesser light than the others coming out in awards season, though Stanley Tucci is so good he is unrecognizable

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