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Saturday, July 18, 2009

just for fun

My Medicare Card Came Today

The mail has been lighter,
junk mail withdrawal.
It’s the economy, some say,
Wall Street schemes caused
it all. Most of my business
I do on the ‘Net,
no stash of stamps,
no envelopes, yet,
there are some things
requiring a physical touch, a few
magazines, but really not much.

One item required physical form,
no e-mail, fax, or twitter would do.
My Medicare card came in the mail
today, a benefit surely, a loud
comment too. I’m not really old,
still I’m well past my youth,
more than half-lived, no denying
that truth. I still find my do-list
gets longer each day, and this card
in the mail says there’s less time to play.

No use in denial, too many
mirrors in my home. We
think friends look older,
they’re the same age as me.
I laugh when I think of
how young we could be
if we didn’t have tokens
of aging like this, this benefit pass,
half-misery, half-bliss.

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